Ralph, the Restless Rhythm Rat | iPhone/iPod/iPad

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Tips and Tricks

Rat Moves

Touch: briefly touch Ralph, removing your finger again quickly

Shake: briefly but firmly shake the device back and forth

Pinch: place two fingers on Ralph, move them towards each other and lift them up again. You can grab from different directions: from up and down, from right and left, or even diagonally.

Tap: knock quickly twice on Ralph.

Stretch: place two fingers on Ralph and push them apart, in whichever directions you want.

Flick: place a finger on Ralph and push it quickly in one direction, lifting it at the same time. Be careful you don’t push Ralph off the screen!

Press: Place a finger on Ralph and hold it there briefly

Pat: place a finger on Ralph, move it back and forth and remove it.

Tilt: if you’re holding the device upright, tilt it backwards or forwards.
If it’s horizontal, turn it so that it’s facing the floor or the ceiling. Be careful:
this makes Ralph slide and he could slide off the screen.

Drum: Tap Ralph briefly 3 times in a row.

Scratch: Place 3 fingers on Ralph and slide them upwards or downwards.

Spin: Place 2 fingers on Ralph and move them in a circular motion (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

Turn: Turn to the left or right, so that the device points in a new direction.
Turning only works if you’re not holding the device too upright beforehand.
Careful: turning will make Ralph slide and he could slide off the screen.
(This Rat Move is unfortunately only possible on devices with a built-in compass.)