Ralph, the Restless Rhythm Rat | iPhone/iPod/iPad

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Tips and Tricks

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How does it work?

To begin a round, press the triangular start button in the middle of the screen. Ralph will count you in: “one - two - three - four” and off you go. Ralph will rhythmically give you commands and you have to follow these commands (eg on the command “tap”, briefly tap the screen) in the same rhythm. If you respond correctly you will hear a tone and the round continues. Your score appears in the middle at the top of the screen; you receive points for every correct move. If you don’t react, react too late or make a false Rat Move, the round is over. If your score is a potential record it will automatically be added to your “Highest Scores” list. To interrupt a round, simply click on one of the four menu symbols at the top of the screen.