Ralph, the Restless Rhythm Rat | iPhone/iPod/iPad

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Tips and Tricks


Under this menu option you can set the following basic preferences:
- Would you like to practice the game in Learning Mode to begin with? Here’s where to set it.
- Do you want to play the game in Standard or Turbo mode? Turbo mode is faster, but it also scores double points.
- Do you like to get error messages? You will be told what command you received and which rat move you made.
- How difficult should the game be? You can set the Rat Moves you want to use here.
- Do you want to get the commands in another language? You can choose between 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.
- One beat gets boring over time: choose between 168 different rhythm combinations.
- How many players do you have? Up to four can join.